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This contains all update posts since January 2011, grouped by year.
Although the electrical sections of this website were created from 2008 onwards, the previous website system did not have any means of recording updates.

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20th December 2014: Y Plan Heating

Y Plan heating page updated with wiring diagram for Hive and similar all in one controllers.
Y Plan central heating system

18th October 2014: 13A BS1363 Plugs

Even more examples of 13A plugs
WT Empire white rubber plug
Unbranded white plastic 13A plug
WG Model 229 3 pin plug
Horrid filthy unbreakable rubber 13A plug
White plastic ROCK brand plug
Nettle white plastic BS1363 plug
MK white plug with sleeved pins

12th October 2014: 13A BS1363 Plugs

Many new pages with examples of various BS1363 3 pin plugs.
WT Empire white 13A plug
Marbo black plastic melted plug
Hercules black rubber BS1363 plug
Duraplug black rubber 13A plug
White plastic BG brand 13A plug
Meritlinli white plastic plug coated in ancient kitchen grease
MEM DELTA white plastic 13A plug
Legrand yellow plastic 13A plug
Ever Ready brittle white plastic 13A plug
Morphy Richards MK white plug
MK Rubber Covered white plug

29th August 2014

These pages were added or updated:
Supply Types Video
Non-Standard 13A Plugs

20th August 2014

These pages were added or updated:
Faulty Vacuum Cleaner Flex
Dubious Lamp Adaptors

4th August 2014: Dangerous Devices

The second and third videos in the series where the dangerous extension lead is tested to destruction.
Dangerous Multiway Extension Lead Part 2

28th July 2014: Dangerous Devices

Video about a ridiculously dangerous multi way extension lead.
Dangerous Multiway Extension Lead Part 1

19th July 2014

These pages were added or updated:
Two way switched lighting circuits #2
Large opal photo lamp with bayonet cap
Neon Glow Lamp - FNTI Selum, GS letters
Neon Glow Lamp - Merry Xmas with Tree

6th June 2014: Wylex Plugs and Sockets

Video showing the obsolete Wylex design plugs and sockets.
Photos will be added at a later date.
Wylex Fused Ring Main and unfused variants

5th June 2014: Plug Videos

Two plug videos added, Dorman Smith and Fitall.
Fitall Plug by R.W. Rumble (G.B.) Ltd
Dorman Smith fused plug and socket

2nd June 2014: Various Videos

Several videos added, including a new section on equipment repair and refurbishment.
Wylex Standard fuseboxes, part 3
Repair and refurbishment of a Claude Lyons variac
Claude Lyons variac repairs Part 1
Claude Lyons variac repairs Part 2
Claude Lyons variac repairs Part 3
Claude Lyons variac repairs Part 4
Electrical Equipment Repairs

5th May 2014: VOELCB Videos

Two new videos added.
One showing the internal mechanism and operation of an old Crabtree voltage operated earth leakage circuit breaker, another describing the operation and problems of these obsolete devices.
Old voltage operated ELCBs
Obsolete Crabtree earth leakage circuit breaker with yellow test button

27th April 2014: Ottermill VOELCB Video

Dismantling video added to the Ottermill VOELCB page:

22nd April 2014: GEC Elf Video

Video added:
Old GEC 'ELF' 30 amp earth leakage circuit breaker

20th March 2014: New Category

New category for examples from real electrical installations.
First is a video showing the green slime problem, which affects certain PVC cables from the early 1970s.
Installation Inspections Introduction
Green Cable Slime Goo

5th March 2014: Moulded Plug

A defective moulded plug from a vacuum cleaner is destrutively opened to establish what fault is contained within.
Defective Moulded 13A Plug

22nd February 2014: New Category

A new category for lighting equipment and lamps, initially with three articles.
Lamps and Lighting Introduction
Dichroic or Aluminium Reflector Lamps?
MR16 or GU10 - could actually be both
Crabtree Safety Pendant with poor quality lampholder contacts

21st February 2014: Overload Avenue

Three new adaptors which could be used to connect far too many items to a single electrical outlet.
Unbranded 5A triple adaptor
Block shape WG 5 amp adaptor
Empire 13A to 5A adaptor

17th February 2014: Dangerous Devices Category

New category for Dangerous Devices.
The Neon Screwdriver video is new, the other two were created last year but were only available on YouTube.
Dangerous & Defective Devices Introduction
Neon Screwdriver Mains Testing Device
Dangerous Mains Travel Adaptors
Chinese Export Only mains adaptor

16th February 2014: MK Electricals

A stack of updates and additions to various MK items, and a random razor adaptor.
MK plastic single socket outlets
MK 6138 Switched Fused Spur
MK 6164 Switched Fused Spur
MK 6779 Switched Fused Spur
MK plastic double socket outlets
MK double socket outlet with surface mounting box
MK one way plastic light switch
MK two way plastic light switch
Empire 6025 Bakelite Fused Razor Adaptor
Grelco brand 5A BS546 double adaptor
Grelco brand 2A BS546 double adaptor
Block shaped IRL multiple standard adaptor

15th February 2014: Lighting Accessories

A number of new pages and several updates.
Some of these pages have been relocated due to the Wiring Accessories category being split into two separate sections.
MK 20 amp switch with neon indicator
Old lighting accessories
MK unswitched fused outlet with front cable hole
Old two pin plugs to BS372
MK flush mounting 3 pin clock connector socket and plug
Old cooker controls
Switches and Fused Spur Boxes
Old Socket Outlets - BS1363
MK 20 amp water heater switch

3rd February 2014: Razors and Shavers

Two new adaptors for electric shavers.
Volex Temco Electric Razor Adaptor Kit
UDC white plastic shaver adaptor