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Hello, I'm JW - an electrician based in Dorset, UK.
This website has details of the electrical services available, plus an extensive collection of electrical and related information.
I also have a Youtube channel with over 490 videos on various electrical topics.


Contact Information - Contact information for Flameport Electrical, Electrician in Dorset, UK.
Payments - Payment options and information for customers of Flameport Electrical, Dorset, UK.
Prices - Electrician prices for Flameport Electrical, Poole, Dorset, UK.
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Work Photos - Examples of completed electrical work by John Ward, Flameport Electrical.

Information Categories

Art - Miscellaneous videos which could be classified as visual or audible art. (2 subcategories)

Documentation - A selection of various electrical and related documents both old and new. (3 subcategories)

Don't Try At Home - Product teardowns, dangerous devices and various experiments. (3 subcategories)

Electric Shorts - A series of short electrical videos, each under 3 minutes in length. (2 subcategories)

Electrical Installations - UK electrical wiring, circuit types,lighting, sockets, consumer units. (12 subcategories)

Electrical Museum - Old electrical items, dangerous installations and more. (23 subcategories)

Electrical Testing - Electrical testing of installations and equipment, plus details on the equipment used. (3 subcategories)

Electrical Theory - Electrical theory and principles for electrical installations in the UK. (7 subcategories)

Equipment Repairs - Repair and refurbishment of old electrical devices. (7 subcategories)

Outside Things - Videos of locations such as elevators, car parks, substations and other locations. (4 subcategories)

Projects - Electrical, electronic and mechanical projects. (7 subcategories)

Wiring Regulations - BS7671 Wiring Regulations as applicable to electrical installations in the UK. (3 subcategories)

There are currently 565 pages in 81 different categories.

Recent Additions & Updates

31st January 2021: Museum Photos

NEW Many new photos of various old objects added
Osram Royal Ediswan Candle Lamps
Crabtree brown bakelite pendant switch
Britmac Little Briton light switch
Crabtree Lincoln 5 Amp light switch

31st October 2020

These pages were added or updated:
Switched plug with neon indicator
MK Logic Wide Rocker 2 way Light Switch
Neo Maintest neon voltage indicator

5th May 2020

These pages were added or updated:
Consumer Unit Replacement
Kitchen Rewires and Lighting
Combination Boiler with 2 Heating Zones, Volt Free Switching
Combination Boiler with 2 Heating Zones, Relay Switching

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John Ward, Flameport Enterprises Ltd, 26 Recreation Road, Poole, BH12 2EB, UK.
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