BS1363 Plugs - Black MARBO plastic

Large Marbo branded plug which has partially melted.


Pins on a plastic Marbo brand BS1363 3 pin plugBlack plastic Marbo brand BS1363 mains plug This MARBO branded plug has been subjected to heat at some point, and has partially melted at the top edge. It is likely that the heat was created due to a loose connection on the line terminal, as most of the melting is in that area.

A single screw holds the lid on. The two smaller screws are for the flex grip.

Pins are unsleeved.


Interior of a plastic Marbo brand BS1363 3 pin plug Inside, the extent of the melting is clearly visible. Both the base and lid have deformed, mostly in the area above the 13A fuse.

The terminals are marked L, N, E and the earth terminal also has the earth symbol. An additional number 2025 is moulded in the centre of the base.

Pins and Text

Black plastic Marbo 13A plug The pins are of the type which fall out - only being held in place by the lid.