Dangerous and Defective Devices

Electrical items which are unsafe, dangerous or have failed and are defective in some way.

In this section

C5 Cloverleaf Power Lead Examined
Examination of a poorly made C5 power lead with fake 13A fuse and a plug with sleeved earth pin.

C5 Cloverleaf Power Lead Destroyed
Testing of a substandard and dangerous C5 power cord - there will be flames.

Dubious Lamp Adaptors
A collection of lamp adaptors, some of which could result in the lamp exploding.

Unsafe Electrode Water Heater
An electrode water heater, which consists of two metal places connected directly to 240 volts AC and placed into a container or water to heat it..

Chinese Export Only mains adaptor
A small 3 pin adaptor which attempts to convert various plugs to the UK BS1363 standard, yet fails due to incorrect design.

Dangerous Multiway Extension Lead Part 1
Dangerous Astra branded BT311 multi way extension lead with fake BS1363 unfused plug.

Dangerous Multiway Extension Lead Part 2
Dangerous Astra branded BT311 multi way extension lead which overheats, melts and burns.

Neon Screwdriver Mains Testing Device
A poor quality screwdriver item with a neon lamp in the handle, intended to check whether an item is live or not.

Dangerous Mains Travel Adaptors
Two shoddy travel adaptors which are inherently unsafe due to their inadequate design.