BS1363 Plugs - Unbranded white plug

Model No. 641.


White unbranded 13A plugPins on a white unbranded BS1363 plug Only identified by the work FUSED on the lid, the manufacturer of this item remains a mystery.

Plug pins are unsleeved, so this plug is at least 30 years old, sleeved pins being instroduced in 1984.


Inside a white plastic 13A plug Both the flex frip and fuse are missing. Pins are marked L N and E. The only other mark is the number 28, upside down just above the flex grip area in the base.

The lid is secured with a single screw, black in colour.

Pins and Text

13 Amp Plug, No. 641 13 AMP, 250V, No.641, NT

NT probably for Non Track.