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This contains all update posts since January 2011, grouped by year.
Although the electrical sections of this website were created from 2008 onwards, the previous website system did not have any means of recording updates.

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9th October 2016: Incorrectly wired plug

These pages were added or updated:
Dangerous incorrectly wired 13A plug

29th May 2016: BS1363 Plugs

More examples of older 13A plugs from Loz Pavier.
RS branded rubber Duraplug with white lid
Brown bakelite MK plug
MK plug with sprung sleeved pins
MEM white plug with 1A fuse
Brown bakelite switched MK plug
White Volex branded plug
White rubber Marbo plug

28th May 2016: BS1363 Plugs

Various 13A plugs from Loz Pavier.
Black rubber Duraplug with orange flex
Ivory Ediswan EMELEC plug
Early MK plug in ivory bakelite
Ivory bakelite switched MK plug
Red MK Toughplug with white BBC logo
White Electra fused plug

6th April 2016

These pages were added or updated:
Inside a Crabtree C50 Circuit Breaker

3rd April 2016: New Theory Section

Currently videos only, this new section will be added to and expanded.
Basic Principles
Earthing and Bonding
Wiring Regulations BS7671
Electrical Theory and Fundamentals
Diversity and Maximum Demand
Voltage Drop in Electrical Circuits
Earthing for Electrical Installations
Main Protective Equipotential Bonding
Supplementary Protective Equipotential Bonding
Circuit Breakers - What's inside, how do they work
Residual Current Devices
Fuses Explained and Examined
Rewirable and Cartridge Fuses Tested
Bathroom Zones as defined in BS7671
BS7671 Wiring Regulations and On Site Guide (Yellow 2015 Edition)
TT supply with a metal consumer unit

2nd April 2016: Wylex Fuseboxes relocated

Wylex Fuseboxes have been relocated to their own separate category.
Old Wylex fuse boxes, switchgear and related items

31st March 2016: New categories and pages

These pages currently contain videos only, further information will be added at a later date.
Consumer Units
Dual RCD Consumer Units
Fitting an RCBO in a consumer unit
Mains Supply and Consumer Unit
Steel Wire Armoured cable
Cables and Wiring
Twin and Earth flat wiring cables
Electric Sectric Clock
Drayton ZA5 Zone Valve Actuator
Main Switch consumer unit

28th March 2016

These pages were added or updated:
Pifco White Insulated Staples
Metal Buckle Cable Clips
BICC Stretchiflex coiled mains lead
Rubber insulated flat wiring cables
PVC insulated flat twin wiring cables
PVC insulated flat twin and earth wiring cables
PVC insulated copperclad aluminium flat cable

27th March 2016

These pages were added or updated:
Wylex SK Plug In Circuit Breaker
Northmet pressed metal fuse wire holder
Metway Products fuse wire card
Woolworth fuse wire card
Wylex fusewire card printing blocks
Wylex Dual Point Immersion Switches

2nd February 2016: Disqus

Disqus comment system installed on all pages.

31st January 2016: Videos added

Several pages added for various Youtube videos.
AMF 7 day Time Switch
AMF Poultry Lighting Time Switch
Horstmann WSM timeswitch in cast metal case
Neff 24 hour Oven Clock
Testing a fire retardent spray
Siemens Brothers VOELCB

7th January 2016

These pages were added or updated:
Smiths Autoset 24 Hour Timeswitch