Crabtree Safety Pendant

A good idea ruined by poor quality contacts?

The Video

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Safety Features

This pendant has a safety lampholder, where the two contacts inside are only connected to power when a lamp is inserted. This is far safer than the more usual type, where the contacts are connected to power regardless of whether a lamp is fitted or not.


Unfortunately, while the safety aspect is good, the design of the contacts is not.

Most normal bayonet lampholders have two sprung pins, typically made from brass with individual springs inside. This design is highly reliable, and has been used for the better part of a century.

This example has done away with pins altogether, and replaced them with two pieces of bent metal. While this does work, the quality of this is far below that of the sprung brass pin type.

The only reason for this design is to save a tiny amount of money on each one - it does not improve anything, and ultimately probably reduces the lifespan of the lampholder.