Empire 6025 Electric Shaver Adaptor

Adaptor to connect a 2 pin shaver plug to a BS1363 flat pin socket.

3 pin plug, 2 hole socket

Empire 6025 Razor Adaptor Empire 6025 Razor Adaptor This small brown bakelite adaptor allows a 2 pin electric razor plug to be used with a 3 pin BS1363 socket.

The two pin shaver plug has two round pins, and should comply with BS 4573. This adaptor is not marked with any standard, but is most likely of the correct dimensions.

This adaptor is marked 'RAZOR ADAPTOR ' and 'FUSED'.


Interior of an Empire branded electric shaver adaptor Interior of a fused Empire electric razor adaptor The earth pin is not connected to anything, since the 2 pin outlet does not have any facility for an earth connection.

Neutral (bottom left as viewed from the inside) is connected directly to the lower socket hole.

Line connects to the top socket hole via a 5A fuse - probably the wrong value. 1A would be more usual.

The fuse is necessary, as the circuit this would most likely be connected to would have a 30A fuse - far too large for the slender wires typically used on electric razors.


Empire razor adaptor showing BS1363 pins Empire razor adaptor showing BS1363 pins The base is marked 'BS1363 Gauge' and the pins are unsleeved, as this item predates the requirement to have partially insulated pins.

Empire, No. 6025.

The adaptor is also marked '13A 250V' but this only refers to the pins - the shaver plug this would be used with is not rated to 13A.