Old Electrical Equipment - Crabtree ELCB Part 2

Another example of the Crabtree voltage operated circuit breaker.

Yellow button

Crabtree ELCB with yellow test button Crabtree voltage operated earth leakage circuit breaker Almost identical to the red button version, this has a yellow test button.

The terminal covers are missing, as this was removed from an old installation.


Lower terminals on a Crabtree ELCB Upper terminals on a Crabtree ELCB Both sets of terminals have two screws each, in contrast to the Chilton types which have a single screw.

The E and F terminals are located at the bottom, one above the other.

Additional pictures

Yellow button Crabtree VOELCB Obsolete Crabtree ELCB with yellow test button The side view here shows how deep these devices were - over 70mm just for the casing, with the main lever and test button protruding even further.

The yellow button has 'Press to Test' around it. The main lever has OFF marked in white and ON in red.

Crabtree VOELCB Video

View this video on Youtube.

This video shows the internal mechanism in detail, and a test to see if the device still operates.