Old Electrical Equipment - MK Fused Spur, List No. 6138

Moulded plastic fused spur, switched, no flex outlet.

Front view

MK 6138 switched fused connection unit MK 6138 switched fused connection unit in the OFF position This FCU has a distinctive oval moulding around the switch, and a removable fuse holder retained by a metal tab.

Designed for fixed wiring only, as there is no hole for flex to exit the plate.

The switch is a double pole type, ON in the down position.

Back view

MK 6138 switch with fuse, no flex outlet Back wiring terminals, MK6138 switched fused connection unit The back has two incoming L&N terminals - N top left, L top centre.

The load connects to the other two terminals which have additional plastic surrounding them - L top right, N bottom left.

A single earth terminal is provided, which also connects both fixing holes and the metal fuse carrier retaining tab on the front.

Note there is no clamp for securing flex or cable - both the supply and load cables would have entered via the wall, and so not be visible once the plate was fixed in place.

Fuse holder and fuse

Fuse carrier from MK6138 FCU Fuse carrier and modern replacement BS1362 fuse from MK6138 FCU Moulded plastic fuse holder with the oval MK logo and 'BS1362 FUSE' on the front. The holder is shaped so that it will only fit into the plate one way.

The fuse clips into the carrier, which has two blades as the contacts.

The fuse shown is as 13 amp one, and is a modern replacement - note it states 'Lead Free' on it.