Product teardowns, dangerous devices and electrical experiments

Products dismantled to see what is inside, dangerous devices which should not exist and various electrical experiments to demonstrate what can and does go wrong.


Dangerous Devices - Electrical items which are unsafe, dangerous or defective and should not be sold or used by anyone.
Experiments - Electrical and other experiments to see what happens when ...
Product Teardowns - Devices and other products dismantled and opened to see what is contained inside

Most recent update - 8th October 2018

NEW Unsafe Electrode Water Heater - An electrode water heater, which consists of two metal places connected directly to 240 volts AC and placed into a container or water to heat it..

Previous update - 5th August 2018

Wago 222 and an unbranded copy tested to destruction - Genuine Wago 222 series connector, an unbranded equivalent and 150 amps. Which fails first?.

Older update - 4th August 2018

Failed Hager 6 amp RCBO - A Hager 6 amp RCBO is taken apart to establish what caused an internal explosion when the test button was pressed.
Whats inside a 1 way, 2 way and intermediate light switch - An overview of various types of light switch, and several light switches are then dismantled to see how they work.

This section contains 37 pages of information.


Tne experiments and procedures in the videos can be dangerous if attempted without proper safety precautions. Do not attempt to recreate any of the experiments shown.

WARNING If you still want to recreate them, consider that the videos in this section do NOT show any of the preparation or planning, which in most cases took far longer than the actual video itself.

Also consider that these videos are edited, so what you see is NOT everything that was done.