UDC white shaver adaptor

BS1363 pins to BS4573 shaver socket.

External views

UDC brand white plastic shaver adaptor UDC shaver adaptor showing BS1363 pins and fuse compartment cover This adaptor is used to connect a shaver with a BS4573 two pin plug to a BS1363 socket outlet.

Note the unsleeved pins and the small compartment on the back for a BS646 cartridge fuse. Although the earth pin (top centre) is brass, it is not connected to anything.

The front states 'SHAVERS ONLY' and 'FUSED'. A fuse is necessary as the socket outlet this would plug into would typically be connected to a 30A fuse in the fusebox.


UDC shaver adaptor, inside view UDC shaver adaptor and incorrect glass fuse Internally, there is a simple sprung sliding shutter over the two socket holes. The contacts are 3 sided, formed from tabs of brass.

The fuse shown is incorrect - while this glass fuse fits, it is totally unsuitable, and woudl probably explode in the event of a fault.

The correct fuse would be a BS646 cartridge type, 1 Amp, which would have a ceramic body.