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This contains all update posts since January 2011, grouped by year.
Although the electrical sections of this website were created from 2008 onwards, the previous website system did not have any means of recording updates.

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16th August 2015

These pages were added or updated:
Documents about Electricity Supplies
Southern Electricity Board 1986

6th July 2015

These pages were added or updated:
Collection of various old fuseboxes
National Automatic Time Switch
Wall mounted MK Moodsetter dimmer switches

4th July 2015: New category

New Timers and Timeswitches category, starting with the Timac electric switch.
TIMAC Automatic Electric Switch
Time Clocks and Time Switches

28th June 2015

These pages were added or updated:
Johnson and Phillips Cast Iron Double Pole Cutout
Crabtree brass 5 amp socket outlet
MK BS1363 Double Socket Outlet
Fitall International Travel Adaptor

12th April 2015

These pages were added or updated:
Eversafe Potential Indicator Type B
The Mighty Meter
Double Socket Bayonet Adaptor
Capacitors Destroyed

6th April 2015

These pages were added or updated:
Volex V410 Heat and Light switched bayonet adaptor

5th April 2015: Non Standard Plugs

New category with examples of plugs and sockets based on BS1363 with various modifications.
Non Standard 13A Plugs and Sockets
Britmac non standard plug
Click Scolmore non standard plug and socket
MK non standard 13A plug and socket
Round earth pin non-standard 13A plug
Walsall Gauge 13A plug and socket
Wandsworth 13A plug with square earth pin

22nd February 2015: Experiments Category

New category with various electrical and other experiments.
60W Lamps, 240V and 110V on a 240V supply
Dangerous Experiments Electrical and Others
1mm Cable Overloaded
Neon Screwdriver Destroyed
Single Wires through Metal Holes
The Mighty Meter continuity and voltage tester

15th February 2015: More videos

Even more videos now have their own pages. New Documentation section.
99p Automatic LED Nightlight Teardown
240V LED lamp with GX5.3 connector pins
3.99 euro extension lead adaptor with 9 socket outlets and a double pole switch
10W Warm white LED outdoor floodlight
A selection of various documents, catalogues and similar publications
Electrical Work Documents Library
Wire Splicing and Soldering (1926)
Test Equipment instructions and related documents
Sencore CM2125 Computer Monitor Analyzer

14th February 2015: Video Updates

Various videos added to their own pages and sections, new top level category Don't Try At Home, existing category Dangerous Devices has moved and some other pages relocated.
Refurbishment of a Gramophone Company EMI electric fan heater, model CRH7
Vitrex Stripmaster screwdriver and wire stripper
Vitrex Fusemaster screwdriver and fuse wire holder
Old electrical related tools, test equipment and other items
Metal meter readings record in a roll
Wylex branded plastic ashtray in mixed colours
Plastic terminal strips usually known as chocblocks
A bakelite cased insulation tester from Evershed and Vignoles
Product Teardowns - various items opened and examined carefully
Don't Try This At Home
C5 Cloverleaf Power Lead Examined
C5 Cloverleaf Power Lead Destroyed
Zenith 2 Amp Metal Cased Rheostat
Floureon branded socket outlet with 10mA RCD