Grelco 2 Amp double adaptor

One 2A plug to two 2A sockets.


Grelco 2A round pin double adaptor Grelco 2A BS546 round pin double adaptor This adaptor allows two 2A plugs to be used in a single 2A socket.

Three pins, BS546.

Compact design

2a Grelco double adaptor Three 2a Grelco adaptors Due to the way the second outlet is angled, the adaptor is very compact - the earth pin of the plug in the side socket passing between the L&N pins of the plug in the end socket.

The three adaptors shown are all identical ...


Dubious stack of three 2A Grelco branded adaptors ... which does inevitably lead to people overloading the original socket by using a stack of these unfused adaptors.