WG brand adaptor which fits into a 5A socket

5A plug with three 5A sockets.

5A Plug and Socket

WG brand 5A to 5A electrical adaptor Bakelite WG adaptor showing 5A plug pins The plug pins are BS546, 5A. Three round brass pins, L&N are split, the larger earth pin is solid.

The opposite side has a 3 pin BS546 socket, directly in line with the 5A plug.

The pin side has the WG logo, Made In England and Load Not To Exceed 5A, 250V.

5A Side Sockets

WG plug adaptor showing side 5A sockets and front 5A socket Brown bakelite WG branded 5A to 5A adaptor The side has a three pin BS546 5A socket, and a two pin BS372 5A socket with the holes between the three BS546 socket holes.

Note the two pin socket holes are spaced closer together than the 3 pin equivalents.

This adaptor does not have an internal fuse, since all of the outlets are the same rating, and it can only be plugged into a 5A socket.