Lamps and Lighting Equipment

Different types of lamps and light fixtures.

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BILL SL3D2 Street Lighting Cutout
Examining a typical street lighting cutout which is used for isolation and fusing of street lighting fixtures.

Crabtree Safety Pendant with poor quality lampholder contacts
A Crabtree pendant set with a safety lampholder containing rather poor quality contacts.

Dimmers and different types of lamp (LED, CFL, Incandescent)
Demonstrating various problems that can occur when dimming modern LED and CFL lamps with traditional phase cut triac dimmer switches.

Dichroic or Aluminium Reflector Lamps?
Explanation of the differences between lamps with dichroic reflectors and those with aluminium reflectors, and how to avoid creating a fire hazard.

Fire Hoods, Fire Rated Downlights and Loft Covers
When installing ceiling downlights are fire rated lights, fire hoods and loft covers required or not?.

Wiring two hanging metal bayonet lampholders
Wiring two bronze finish metal bayonet lampholders with three core rubber flex. These are designed to hang from the ceiling so include a flex grip.

MR16 or GU10 - could actually be both
Different types of halogen downlighter lamp, with the correct terminology for the lamp and connector.

Table Lamp Assembly and Testing
Installing new metal bayonet lampholders, wiring and 3A fused plug to several old wooden table lamps, followed by testing using a Clare A255.

60W Tungsten Filament vs 8W LED Lamp
A comparison of an 8 watt filament style LED lamp and an older 60 watt incandescent tungsten filament lamp.