Old lighting accessories

All of the items here are obsolete, and are displayed here as a reminder of how electrical installations used to be done.

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Britmac Little Briton light switch
Small wall mounted light switch, made from brown bakelite and vitreous china. 5 amps, 250 volts, Little Briton.

Crabtree Lincoln 5 Amp light switch
Unused Crabtree Lincoln New Pattern 5 amp light switch with original box.

Crabtree brown bakelite pendant switch
Brown bakelite Crabtree pendant light switch, designed to be connected to a 2 core flex.

MEM single and double light switches
Single and double light switches manufactured by MEM in the early 1970s.

MK one way plastic light switch
Old moulded plastic 1970s MK Electric light switch, single gang, one way.

MK two way plastic light switch
Old moulded plastic 1970s MK Electric light switch, single gang, two way.

MK Logic Wide Rocker 2 way Light Switch
Old MK Logic two way light switch with extra wide rocker which uses the same moulding as a 3 pole fan isolator.

MK plastic light switches
Old MK Electric light switches, double and single gang in plastic.

Wall mounted MK Moodsetter dimmer switches
White plastic MK Moodsetter dimmer switches on single and double wall plates.

Wooden pendant light switch
Hanging pendant slide light switch with turned wooden body and ceramic interior.

ROLLS plastic light switch
Old single pole plastic light switch by Rolls Switches Ltd.

ROLLS plastic light switch and backplate
Round plastic light switch and square backplate by Rolls Switches Ltd.

Volex 3 part plastic ceiling rose
Pictures of an old Volex plastic ceiling rose from the 1960s.

VT Plastic Ceiling Rose
Pictures of an old VT brand plastic ceiling rose from the 1980s.


Lighting accessories typically include wall mounted light switches in both single, double, triple and quad versions, ceiling pendant sets, lampholders and basic utility light fixtures.

All of the items displayed here were either as found 'in service' in older properties, or were removed from various installations during refurbishment.