Short Electrical Videos

A series of short electrical videos, each on a particular subject or myth. Most are under 3 minutes in length.


Electrical Myths - Electrical myths, misinformation and unwanted traditions busted
Electrical Tips - Tips, hints and suggestions on various electrical topics


Most recent update - 7th April 2019

NEW BS1361 and BS1362 5 amp Fuses - A small but very important difference between 5 amp fuses made to BS1361 and BS1362.

Previous update - 5th August 2018

Electrical Myths - Electrical myths busted and fiction dispelled in a series of short videos.
Bathroom Pull Cord Switches - Bathroom pull cord switches are common in UK bathrooms, but are they actually required?.
Electrical Tips and Hints - Electrical tips and hints presented in a series of short videos, each under 3 minutes in length.
Line, Live, Phase and Neutral - Electrical definitions of line, live, phase and neutral have changed over the years. Which is correct?.
Armoured Cable Connections for Outdoor Lighting - One method of connecting steel wire armoured cables at outdoor lighting fixtures using a steel conduit box.

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