Switches and Fused Connection Units

A collection of switches, typically used to control fixed appliances such as water heaters.
(Light switches are located in the lighting accessories section).

In this section

Wylex brown plastic water heater switch
Old Wylex immersion heater switch, brown plastic with Water Heater markings.

MK 5148 double pole switch
Old MK5148 double pole switch with neon indicator. Probably used for an immersion heater..

MK 4073 Fused Spur Box
Old design moulded plastic fused spur box made by MK with 5 amp fuse.

Wylex white plastic double pole switch
Old Wylex double pole switch, white plastic, probably used for a water heater.

MK unswitched fused outlet with front cable hole
Old unswitched MK fused connection unit with front cable outlet hole and removable fuse carrier.

MK 20 amp switch with neon indicator
Older style MK 20 amp double pole switch with red neon indicator, as used for a fixed electrical appliance.

MK 20 amp water heater switch
Old MK 20 amp double pole switch with red neon indicator and Water Heater legend.

MK 6138 Switched Fused Spur
MK switched fused spur unit for fixed wiring only - no flex entry or clamp.

MK 6164 Switched Fused Spur
MK 6164 switched fused spur unit with flex outlet hole and flex clamp.

MK 6779 Switched Fused Spur
MK 6779 switched fused spur unit with flex outlet hole, flex clamp and fuse carrier secured with a small screw.

Wylex Dual Point Immersion Switches
Wylex 2LA/F dual point immersion heater switch set in original box with instructions. For controlling an immersion heater from upstairs and downstairs.

Fused or not?

Some of these contain 13A fuses, and would be used where the circuit they were connected to was fused at a higher rating, such as when adding a spur to a 30A ring circuit.

Those without fuses would be used with dedicated circuits, such as a 15A radial for an immersion heater.