Old Electrical Equipment - MK Single Socket Outlets

Several single socket outlets made by MK.

Single switched outlet

Old single MK socket outlet, back view Old single MK socket outlet, front view Single outlet, switched.

Oval MK logo at the centre of the plate.

Moulded On and OFF legend above and below the switch. Two fixing holes. These are the same spacing as modern socket outlets.

The back is made from moulded brown plastic, with terminal markings and other information moulded into the plastic. The terminal holes have a high quality clamp type mechanism, where the wires are clamped between two flat pieces of metal, rather than the screw contacting the wires directly.

Single switched outlet 4573

Single MK 4573 socket outlet, showing rear terminals MK4573 single switched socket outlet, front view This single switched outlet has the fixing holes top and bottom, rather than at each side.

Small oval MK logo at the centre of the plate.

The rear terminals are unusual - earth is in the centre, with a side entry hole.

Line is top left, and neutral bottom right. The neutral hole is very small, and would present some difficulty if more than one wire was to be connected.

The switch is shown in the Off position.

Single switched outlet 5248 #1

Old single switched MK socket outlet, back terminals Old single switched MK socket outlet This older design has two fixing holes in the usual side positions, and the recessed tab type switch (shown in the on position).

Oval MK logo on the front between the socket holes.

Part numbers are 5247 for the socket mechanism and 5248 for the socket front plate. Other markings on the back include 13A 250V, AC ONLY, PATENT and MADE IN ENGLAND.

The terminals themselves are very substantial and far larger than those on modern socket outlets.

Single switched outlet 5248 #2

Old single switched MK socket outlet, back terminals MK 5248 single switched socket outlet Virtually identical to the previous item, this is shown in the OFF position.

This is apparently unused, and includes the original fixing screws.

The rear metal strap is slightly different - this states BRIT.PAT. rather than PATENT.

Single unswitched outlet 5286 #1

Old single unswitched MK socket outlet, back terminals Old single unswitched MK socket outlet Another single outlet but with no switch. This is the same age as the switched outlet above, which is the early 1970s.

Note the fixing holes are on the top and bottom edges, rather than the sides. Modern boxes still have fixings in these positions, so this could be used on a modern box.

This example is extremely worn, the entire face is scratched and covered in thick layers of emulsion paint.
Rear terminals are again substantial compared to modern equivalents.

Plate part number 5286, socket part 5285. Other markings include 13 AMP, 250V, TO BS 1363, MADE IN ENGLAND.

The oval MK logo appears on the front of the plate and the back of the socket mechanism.

Single unswitched outlet 5286 #2

MK5286 single unswitched socket outlet, back terminals MK 5286 single unswitched socket outlet Another example. This one in better condition, but once again, some buffoon has slapped emulsion paint around the edges, rather than take 60 seconds to undo the screws.

Back terminals are line on the left, neutral right, earth top.