Dangerous Devices - ASTRA BT311 Multi Way Extension Lead Part 2

Moulded Plug

In this second video of the series, further tests are done which confirm there is NO continuity of earth at all.

The moulded plug is opened to find out why - the simple answer is that the earth wire was not connected to the earth pin, neither had any attempt been made to connect it.

Packaging Claims

The product packaging has a significant amount of text describing the product. Most of what is claimed is totally untrue.

In particular, the item is claimed to have various types of protection against overload, filtering, shutters, fuses and so on - all lies.

Video #2

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Load Tests

Both the device and packaging claim the maximum rating is 10 Amps, 250 Volts. In this third video, a short circuit fault is created inside the socket adaptor, and a controlled current is passed through the flex. Initially 5A (half the stated rating) is connected. After a few minutes, the flex temperature has increased to 66C, very near the 70C limit for most PVC insulation.

Increasing the current to 8A results in the flex heating up to over 180C - enough to cause a serious burn if someone touched the flex.

At 10A (the claimed rating of the device) the flex reaches 300C, melts, smokes and fails in multiple places. The test is aborted.

Video #3

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The inner cores and white insulation are not too bad - when ignited using a flame, they do extinguish after a few seconds.

The adaptor itself is a different story. WHen ignited, it continues to burn for several minutes, and has to be extinguished with water before the entire thing burns away. The packaging stated it was made from flame retardant materials - yet more lies.

The End

This device was obtained as it was clear there were several problems with it. However after testing, it proved to be far worse than expected, failing in just about every way possible.

If you own one of these devices, the only sane thing to do it to destroy and dispose of it.