Old Electrical Equipment - MK 20 Amp Switch with Neon Indicator

Moulded plastic double pole switch.

Front view

MK 5930 20A double pole switch with neon indicator MK 5930 20A double pole switch with red neon This 20A double pole switch is similar in appearance to a light switch, however would normally be used for a fixed appliance such as a water heater.

The red window at the top has a neon indicator behind, which would be illuminated when the switch was on.

The two screws on the front only secure the plastic plate to the switch body - the screws holding the switch to the wall box are concealed behind the plate.

Back view

MK double pole switch, 20 amps, back view The back has four terminals - the top two for the incoming supply, and the lower two for connecting the appliance or other load.

A single earth terminal is provided, which connects to a metal strap holding the switch assembly.

This strap also holds the screws which secure the switch to the wall box, and the smaller screws to secure the plastic front plate.

The yellow insulated wires connect to the neon - wired in parallel with the load.

Maximum rating 20 amps, Made in England.