BS1363 Plugs - Meritlinli white plastic

Substantially sized 13A plug made from flexible white plastic.


Meritlinli white plastic mains plug Meritlinli white plastic mains plug showing plug pins White moulded plastic plug. The top has 'BRITISH MADE FUSED' moulded into the plastic lid. Line and neutral pins are sleeved.

The plastic is a slightly flexible type and has yellowed somewhat - although most of the yellow colour is due to greasy dirt on the surface.


Inside a Meritlinli white plastic 13A plug Internally, the flex grip is two pieces of black plastic, no screws required. A 13A fuse is fitted.

Each terminal has the wire colour moulded into the plastic - Green/Yellow, Blue and Brown.

The green colour on the fuse is corrosion, and the entire insides are coated with grease - probably from a kitchen.

Pins and Text

Meritlinli white plastic BS1363 mains plug The base is marked BS1363A, 13 AMP, 250V. All three pins are labelled (E, L, N) and the earth pin also has the earth symbol.

The 87 is possibly the production year, and the 'clock' style design above is probably the month as there are 12 positions.