Unbranded two pin 5A adaptor

One 5A plug with three 5A sockets.

5A Triple Adaptor

BS372 two pin 5A adaptor These small adaptors are identical. Both have one 5A plug and three 5A sockets.

These are BS372 pin spacing, although neither is marked with any standard.

Front markings

UK REG.DES NO. 622168

Made in England

MAX LOAD 5A. 250V.


5A two pin triple adaptor As these are identical, they can be stacked together to provide five sockets from a single plug.

In reality, this would be useless, as the whole assembly is still limited to 5A.

Back markings

Pair of bakelite 5A two pin adaptorsUK PAT. NO. 325130

The patent is dated 13 February 1930, applicant A.P. Lundberg and Sons Ltd. It refers to electrical adaptors of the type shown here.


BS372 two pin 5A adaptor The plug pins are solid brass, each is split to provide better contact with the socket tubes.

The adaptor is held together by the pins, both of which are threaded and screw into the bekelite body.

There is no fuse - connections are staight from the pins to the sockets.