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This contains all update posts since January 2011, grouped by year.
Although the electrical sections of this website were created from 2008 onwards, the previous website system did not have any means of recording updates.

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3rd September 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Bill Crown 1 way metal switchfuse

21st August 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Sangamo Weston Model 12 Test Meter
CNC Panel buttons and spindle control

17th April 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Denis Ferranti TM3 electricity meter
CNC limit and home switches

3rd April 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Using Electroluminescent Wire for a display panel project
Electroluminescent Wire and Drivers
Making display panels with electroluminescent wire
Electroluminescent wire panels installed and working
Henley Lead Covered Wiring and Junction Box

2nd April 2017: New Projects category

New top level category for various projects both completed and in progress
Making a solder fume extractor filter
Construction of a CNC router
CNC router component overview
CNC stepper motors and extending wires
CNC control cabinet mechanical assembly
CNC control cabinet electrical assembly
CNC motor installation and movement
LED Disco Floodlight Build
Colour Changing LED Lamps
Rotating LED Lamps
1000 Watt energy wasting electric floodlight
Plastic Fresnel Lenses for magnification purposes
LED Disco Light Final Build and Demonstration

1st April 2017

These pages were added or updated:
Burgess Bandsaw Cutting Metal

23rd March 2017

These pages were added or updated:
LPT200 Lamp Parameter Tester

9th March 2017: Burgess Bandsaw Refurbishment

New series of videos showing the teardown and subsequent reassembly of a 1970s Burgess bandsaw.
Burgess Bandsaw Refurbishment BBS-20 Mark 2
Burgess BBS20 MkII Bandsaw Totally Dismantled
Burgess BBS-20 Bandsaw Reassambled
Burgess BBS20 Bandsaw Blade Installation

7th March 2017: More pages for videos

These videos were published some time ago, but pages for them were not created at the time.
Testing a selection of wire connectors
Destruction of dubious flex
Fire Rated Downlight On Fire
Fake BS1362 15 Amp Fuses

6th March 2017: New category and pages

These pages were added or updated:
Continuity Testing for electrical installations
Earth Electrode Testing for electrical installations
Insulation Resistance testing for electrical installations
Loop Impedance Testing
Phase Sequence Testing
Polarity Testing for AC installations
Testing residual current devices
UK Electrical Installation Testing
Continuity tests for ring final circuits
Electrical Testing

5th March 2017: New category

These pages were added or updated:
Electrical Tests for fixed equipment
Fault Finding and testing immersion heaters

4th March 2017: New category

These pages were added or updated:
Multimeters for electrical installations
Electrical measurement categories I II III IV
Mains Voltage Isolation Transformers
Cliff Quicktest QT1 mains connector block
Electrical testing equipment and how it is used