BS1363 Plugs

Various older flat pin 13A plugs.

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White plastic BG brand 13A plug - A hard, brittle plastic plug of the type which shatters to pieces when dropped.
Clix 13 Plug with a socket in the back - The mythical Plugsocket item, made by Clix in finest brown bakelite.
Duraplug black rubber 13A plug - Black Duraplug with unsleeved pins and a rubber wraparound lid.
Black rubber Duraplug with orange flex - Black rubber Duraplug with Ever Ready 13A fuse, wired to 3 core orange flex.
RS branded rubber Duraplug with white lid - All rubber Duraplug with black base and white lid branded RS, fitted with 3A fuse and with 3 core flex attached.
Ever Ready brittle white plastic 13A plug - Somewhat damaged example of a 13A Ever Ready fused 13A plug.
Ivory Ediswan EMELEC plug - BS1363 fused 13A plug in ivory bakelite by Ediswan, lid branded EMELEC (East Midlands Electricity).
White Electra fused plug - White plastic plug branded Electra but made by Ward and Goldstone..
Hercules black rubber BS1363 plug - Black Hercules brand plug with a black rubber wraparound lid.
Legrand yellow plastic 13A plug - Bright yellow plastic 13A plug with sleeved pins by Legrand.
Marbo black plastic melted plug - Black plastic Marbo brand plug which has overheated and partially melted.
White rubber Marbo plug - White plastic Marbo plug with white rubber lid and original 5A Marbo fuse..
MEM white plug with 1A fuse - A white 13A plug fitted with 1A fuse, by Midland Electrical Manufacturing (MEM), with pre-1969 colour codes.
MEM DELTA white plastic 13A plug - Small white 3 pin plug branded MEM DELTA with the remains of an old flex still connected.
Meritlinli white plastic plug coated in ancient kitchen grease - Substantially sized 13A plug made from flexible white plastic..
MK 13A 3 pin plug - Older type phenolic resin 3 pin BS1363 plug by MK with unsleeved pins.
Morphy Richards MK white plug - White MK 3 pin plug with the Morphy Richards logo on the lid.
MK Rubber Covered white plug - White MK plug with plastic inner and rubber outer covering to prevent damage.
MK white plug with sleeved pins - White plastic MK plug with oval MK logo, sleeved pins and BG 5A fuse fitted.
Brown bakelite MK plug - 1960s design brown bakelite MK plug with solid brass pins, brass screw clam terminals and a modern 3A fuse fitted.
Early MK plug in ivory bakelite - Early example of an MK ivory 13A plug, with individual nuts and washers for each terminal.
MK plug with sprung sleeved pins - Unusual example of an early attempt at sleeved pins by MK..
Brown bakelite switched MK plug - A brown bakelite plug by MK with a switch built in, intended for use with unswitched socket outlets.
Ivory bakelite switched MK plug - An ivory bakelite plug by MK with a switch built in, intended for use with unswitched socket outlets.
Red MK Toughplug with white BBC logo - An MK Toughplug with red lid and white BBC logo, connected to a 2 core black flex.
Nettle white plastic BS1363 plug - White plastic NETTLE brand 13A plug with unsleeved pins, probably made in the 1970s.
White plastic ROCK brand plug - White plastic Rock brand 13A BS1353 plug with unsleeved pins and 5A fuse.
Switched plug with neon indicator - White plastic BS1363 UK plug with a switch and neon indicator in the lid.
TL branded screwless 13A plug - White plastic TL brand BS1363 plug that can be fitted without using tools, features include screwless wire terminals and slide on lid.
Unbranded white plastic 13A plug - White 13A plug made from hard plastic, No. 641, manufacturer unknown.
Horrid filthy unbreakable rubber 13A plug - Excessively dirty 13A plug which was once white, now horribly yellowed and covered in dirt.
White Volex branded plug - White plastic plug with Volex logo on the lid and WG logo inside, Insludes original Volex fuse.
Walsall 13A plug with neon indicator - A standard 13A plug with a neon indicator in the lid. Made by Walsall in England..
Hercules plug with wrap-around style lid - A disgusting old Hercules 13A plug with the infamous wrap-around style lid.
WT Empire white 13A plug - Hard white plastic mains plug branded Empire WT, probably made in the 1960s.
WT Empire white rubber plug - Very dirty WT Empire white unbreakable rubber plug with wraparound lid.
WG Model 229 3 pin plug - White WG branded plug with cracked base and yellowed lid, model 229.


This type of plug is still in use in the UK, and must be supplied fitted to any electrical appliance sold in the UK.

The items featured here are older examples, and although they are the same physical size, most of them should not be used due to them having unsleeved pins.

A selection of various older MK plugs

This video shows various older MK plugs, some with sleeved pins and others without.

View this video on Youtube.