Old Electrical Tools, Equipment and Other Items

A collection of tools specifically designed for electrical installation work, test equipment and various other items which although not electrical themselves, have some link or connection to electrical items.

In this section

A bakelite cased insulation tester from Evershed and Vignoles
A hand cranked Megger insulation tester from Evershed and Vignoles.

Clare V339A High Current Ohmmeter
Wooden cased high current ohmmeter by Clare, model V339A, used to measure resistance of steel conduit and bonding conductors.

Plastic terminal strips usually known as chocblocks
Comparison between strips of wire connectors old and new, commonly known as chocblocks due to their similarity in appearance to a chocolate bar.

Eversafe Potential Indicator Type B
Two pole voltage indicating device made by TSG Seward, Stockton on Tees. Contains a neon indicator..

Metal meter readings record in a roll
Metal meter record can containing a paper record of meter readings between 1945 and 1960.

The Mighty Meter
A household test meter for voltages and continuity. Includes a mains socket tester plug and is complete with original box and instructions..

Neo Maintest neon voltage indicator
Boxed example of a Neo Maintest, a neon voltage indicating device made in England by Neo Electrical Industries.

Allen West Spiketector
The Spiketector, a transient voltage peak detector made by Allen West and Co., Brighton, England..

Vitrex Fusemaster screwdriver and fuse wire holder
The Vitrex Fusemaster, a screwdriver containing spools of fusewire inside the handle.

Vitrex Stripmaster screwdriver and wire stripper
The Vitrex Stripmaster, a screwdriver with a wire stripper in the handle.

Wylex branded plastic ashtray in mixed colours
A Wylex branded ashtray apparently made from fuseholder production line waste.