BS1363 Plugs - Failed Design

The photographs below show a rather old 'Hercules' brand plug with the infamous wrap-around style of lid. This example is covered in dirt and for some reason is wired to 4 core flex, with the unwanted black core cut off.

These plugs required that the flex was passed through a hole in the lid before the plug was wired. You usually discovered this fact immediately after wiring the plug.


13A Hercules brand plug UK Plug with wraparound style lid, partially opened 13A plug with wraparound style lid The flex has simply been cut off. Note the 4 cores on the cut end, even though only 3 are connected.

In this condition the plug is a serious hazard, as if plugged in to a socket outlet, the ends of the wire would be live.


Wrap around style plug showing internal wiring Wrap around style plug lid and pins Internal wiring. Note the unsleeved pins, hairline cracking in the white plastic and the generally poor quality construction of the whole thing.

When wiring such plugs, it is usual to cut the earth wire longer so that of the flex should be accidentally pulled out, the earth wire disconnects last.

Here, the earth wire is so short, it would rip out of the terminal before anything else.