BS1363 Plugs - TL Brand Screwless Plug

A plastic plug which has no screws and can be wired without using a screwdriver.


Pin side of a TL branded BS1363 Plug TL branded BS1363 Plug This TL branded plug has unsleeved pins, and is probably from the 1980s.

It can be opened without any tools - a small coin can be used to rotate the red locking piece.

Lid and Terminal Cover

TL branded BS1363 plug with lid removed Screwless wire terminals inside a TL brand BS1363 UK plug The lid slides off, and a red hinged piece covers the three terminals and fuse.

This example contains a 13 amp fuse, but it can easily be changed for other values such as 3A or 5A.

Moulded Text

TL brand BS1363 screwless plug Pin side of a TL 13A plug showing moulded text The pin side has 'Made In England to BS1363' and '13 Amp'.

'World Pat Pend' also appears, although no patent number so it's unclear whether any patent was actually granted for this design.

The lower edge of the plug contains a metal blade to strip the insulation from the wires to the correct length - visible on the lower edge to the left of the flex grip hole.


TL BS1363 plug disassembled Fuse and terminals in a 13A TL brand plug The metal components are brass, and are a push fit into the plastic moulded base.

The flex grip can be seen here at the lower edge, a threaded plastic piece which is tightened by hand.

When the lid is fitted, it prevents the flex grip rotating to ensure it doesn't loosen.

The Video

View this video on Youtube.

This video shows the plug in more detail, including the screwless wire terminals and the Marbo 13 amp fuse.