BS1363 Plugs - Black Rubber Duraplug

Black rubber with oval Duraplug logo. Pictures and text provided by Loz Pavier.


Black rubber 13 amp Duraplug with orange flex Black rubber BS1363 3 pin Duraplug A once common 'Duraplug' example. The design saw only a few changes from its original all-rubber type, to the Duraplug on the market today.

The base is a hard plastic material, and the slip over lid is a more rubberized material. Surprisingly, the slip-over lid has not had its base cut - meaning previous fitters have always remembered to thread the lid on to the flex before wiring the plug!


Interior of a black rubber 13A Duraplug with 3 core orange flex and Ever Ready fuse An Ever Ready 13a fuse is fitted and a length of orange flex to an extension lead is still fitted. The plug is wired reasonably well.