BS1363 Plugs - Ivory bakelite MK

Ivory bakelite with solid brass pins. Pictures and text provided by Loz Pavier.


Older style MK 13A BS1363 plug ivory bakelite MK 3 pin plug An earlier version of the very common MK Ivory plug. This older version sports smaller finger flanges at the base.

Underneath, remains of a 'guarantee void if seal broken' sticker is applied. This is more likely to be from a previous safety of PAT test, than a manufacturing sticker.


Interior of an MK 13A plug made from ivory bakeliteInside, this plug is missing its earth terminal screw.

Note also that typical screws are not used. Small nuts with a complimenting washer are used to clamp cable down to the relevant pin. Slots are provided for a screwdriver, however they are unreliable due to the length of the thread from the pin.