Old Electrical Equipment

A selection of old electrical fuseboxes, switchgear and other distribution equipment.

All of the items here are obsolete, and are displayed here as a reminder of how electrical installations used to be done.

In this section

Bill 4 way metal fusebox
Bill Crown 4 way brown plastic fuse box
Bill Crown 1 way metal switchfuse
Bill Crown 4 way metal fuse box
Bill Insulok double pole fusebox
Centaur white plastic 4 way fusebox
Inside a Crabtree C50 Circuit Breaker
GEC Metal 3 way fusebox
Henley metal cased 6 way fusebox
Lupus Midget 4 way metal consumer unit
MEM 1 way ceramic fusebox
MEMERA 3 Two way plastic fusebox
MEMERA 3 Two way metal fusebox
MEMERA 3 Four way plastic rewireable fusebox
MEMERA 3 Four way plastic cartridge fusebox
Memera 3 with push button circuit breakers
MEM 4 way enclosed grey metal fuse box
MEM 4 way enclosed grey metal fuse box #2
MEM 4 way metal fuse box
MEM wooden cased fuse box with ceramic rewireable fuses
MEM ceramic fusebox with 3 fuses
Merlin Gerin AMG9 metal distribution board
Revo 15 amp electrical splitter unit with cast iron casing


All Wylex items have been relocated to their own separate category.

Pictures of Doom

These photographs were taken in 2010. All of the equipment shown is connected and in use. It has since been completely replaced.

Modern electricity meter connected to 1950s rubber wiring Double pole fuseboxes and switchesr Double pole ceramic fusebox and cast iron splitter unitr

That Caution label

The label shown above with the word 'Caution' on it warns that some parts of the installation have newer wiring colours - brown and blue as well as the older red and black.

Yes - someone actually added a circuit to this mess very recently, and thought that this label would be of help. They neglected to mention the fact that the entire lot is deadly dangerous and 40 years past it's replacement date.

Even if total replacement wasn't an option, they could have added a small consumer unit and connected their new circuit to that, rather than extending this madness.

They did however upgrade the main earth and protective bonding.

Further details of this and other dangerous installations can be seen in the Danger and Doom section.