Clix Plug with Socket

The mythical Plugsocket item.

Clix Plug

Clix 13A plug with socket in the back Clix 13A plug with socket in the back This is a 13A plug with a socket in the back, where another 13A plug could be inserted.

Yes, this is actually a plugsocket - unlike the socket outlet which plenty of people incorrectly call a plugsocket.

Pins are unsleeved.

The line hole on the socket is cracked and damaged, probably due to an overheating plug.

Flex grip

Clix 13A 'piggyback' plug Clix 13A plug showing cable grip The cord grip is a threaded plastic piece which presses directly onto the flex.

The grip protrudes significantly from the base of the plug, making it more likely to be broken off.


Internals of a CLIX plug with socket Internally, the earth and neutral are directly connected through to the socket contacts.

The fuse is connected to both the outgoing appliance flex and the line contact on the plug, avoiding the possibility of overloading.

Although somewhat difficult to see, the fuse fits in the central rotating holder, with the incoming contact to the side of the line socket. The other side of the fuse connects at the bottom, with a brass strap from there to the wire terminal, and finally to the line socket contact.

The socket terminal and top fuse contact are insulated by a thin piece of red coloured material.

The fuseholder on this example is broken and jammed in position. The shutter over the line hole is also broken.

Fuseholder and wording

Pins and text on a Clix plugsocket The fuse was originally removed by rotating the holder. This one is broken.

B.S.1363 13 AMP

PATENT Nos. 426943 574822

PRO.PAT. 26484/46