BS1363 Plugs - Unbranded Switched Plug

A white plug which has a switch and neon indicator in the top.


Switched 13A 3 pin plug with neon indicator Brass pins on a switched 13A plug This BS1363 plug has sleeved L and N pins, the sleeving being in the correct colours for the line and neutral insulation.

The fuse is accessible via a red plastic tray, and allows the fuse to be changed without removing the lid of the plug.

Age is unknown - the presence of the 'new' coloured insulation isn't helpful here, as blue/brown has been used for appliance flexes since the 1970s.


Switched 13A 3 pin plug Switched 3 pin plug with 5A fuse removed This plug has been used, and there is a small crack below and to the right of the neon indicator.

This is probably caused by heat from the neon making the plastic brittle.


Neon indicator and resistor inside a UK plug The lid contains a very small neon indicator and resistor. A spring and brass tab make contact with the neutral and switched line in the other half of the plug.

The neon is completly black, evidence that it has been switched on for a very long time.

Although the switch lever is in the lid, the switch mechanism is located in the base.


Inside a switched 13A 3 pin plug Terminals in a switched BS1363 plug The switch is single pole, switching line only. Neutral and earth are permanently connected.
The fuse is connected after the switch.

Fuse in this example is a 5 amp BS1362, branded JoJo.

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