Dangerous Installations

A selection of dangerous installations, either because they have degraded due to being ancient, or were just installed by idiots in the first place.

In this section

Overheated Friedland doorbell transformer
Small doorbell transformer which has overheated, causing soot marks on the wall and ceiling above.

Cables jointed by twisting and insulation tape
Socket outlet cables joined by twisting wires together and covering the whole mess with lots of insulation tape.

Collection of various old fuseboxes
Four old fuseboxes of various ages, crammed into a small cupboard with the supplier cutout and electricity meter.

Incoming supply with unusual earth connection
PME electricity service with the joint between neutral and earth incorrectly located after the meter.

Lighting wiring with failed rubber insulation
Old twin core rubber wiring behind light switches, showing crumbled and ruined insulation.

An electrical installation from the 1950s
A dangerous electrical installation with various fuseboxes and equipment from the 1950s.

Socket outlets with no grommets or earth sleeving
Several incorrectly installed socket outlets, with missing grommets, no earth sleeving and a wiring method to cause overheating of the backbox.

Gate control panel disaster zone
A control panel for electric gates, with wiring hanging out, loose parts, safety devices bypassed and water leaking all over the place.

Dangerous incorrectly wired 13A plug
An example of a UK BS1363 mains plug wired totally incorrectly, with wires badly fitted in the wrong terminals and flex grip not properly secured.


The pictures in this section were taken during refurbishment or repair of various installations.

All of the dangerous items shown have since been removed, and in most cases totally replaced.