Old Fuses

Yes, an entire section containing pictures of old fuses, fuse wire and fuse related items.

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Miscellaneous Fuses
Fuse Wire
BS1362 Fuses
BS1362 2A Fuses
BS1362 13A Fuses
60 Amp cutout fuses
Brush 100A BS88 Fuse
Betterwear brand fuse wire card
Bobbin shape fusewire card
Dencon fuse wire card
Dumbbell shaped fusewire cards
GLC fusewire card
John Church Sales fusewire
J-type wedge fuses
Hand made fuse wire holders
Lyvia brand fusewire card
Marbo branded fusewire card
Metway Products fuse wire card
MK 5 Amp BS1362 Cartridge Fuse-Links
MK 5 Amp BS646 Cartridge Fuses
MK 10 Amp BS1362 Cartridge Fuse-Links
Northmet pressed metal fuse wire holder
NU-STAR fusewire with shop display board
Panda brand fusewire card
Pifco brand fusewire cards
Remploy fusewire and Mend-A-Fuse case
Volex fusewire and fuse kit
Winfield fusewire from Woolworths
Woodhurst fuse wire cards
Woodhurst Fuse Wire and Key, 1950s
Woolworth fuse wire card
Wylex fusewire card printing blocks

Miscellaneous Fuses

Miscellaneous assorted fuses A collection of various miscellaneous assorted fuses, most of which have been used and therefore are probably bust.

A fair number of these are not even mains voltage.

One isn't actually a fuse.

Fuse Wire

Lyvia brand fuse wire on card No home of the past was complete without one of these pieces of card with various size fuse wires wound onto it.

This is a typical example with 5, 15 and 30 amp wires. The 5 amp wire is missing, and there is very little 30A wire left. They probably had several dozen 50W downlighters on the 5A lighting circuit, and a rack of 500W halogen floodlights on the already overloaded ring circuit.

20A wire was almost never provided, since the 20A rewireable holders with yellow dots were rarely used.

Switch Off before changing fuse wire

Were people really that silly to try and change fuse wire with the power connected?

Yes, they probably were.

BS1362 Fuses

Selection of BS1362 cartridge fuses BS1362 fuses are used in BS1363 plugs, and are available in a variety of ratings from 1A to 13A.

Those shown here are fairly old, and include examples branded Nettle, BG, MK, Marbo, Bussmann, Alert and Ever Ready.

Most of these are 13A types, coloured brown. 5A were generally black, 3A red.

2 Amp BS1362 Fuses

2 amp BS1363 fuses by MK and Alert These are also BS1362 fuses, but are a far less common 2 amp type.

Two MK ones in the original wrapping, two others without wrapping, and a single Alert branded fuse.

13 Amp BS1362 Fuses

Collection of 13A BS1363 fuses of various makes These are 13 amp BS1362 fuses, with a wide range of makes, plenty of which are obsolete.

Some which are not electrical manufacturers

Sainsbury's - UK supermarket
JoJo - brand used extensively for extension leads
RS - Radio Spares, large electronic components supplier
Winfield - A Woolworths brand.
Granada - G logo near centre of picture - company which rented televisions and other equipment to people. They also had Granada branded plugs.
LAMP - bottom of centre column - unknown?