Old Cables and Wiring Installation Items

A selection of old and obsolete cables, clips and other related accessories.

In this section

Metal Buckle Cable Clips
Old metal buckle clips for securing wiring cables to flat surfaces such as walls.

Rubber insulated flat wiring cables
Examples of old rubber insulated flat wiring cables, all of which are in excess of 50 years old and should have been replaced long ago.

Henley Lead Covered Wiring and Junction Box
Lead covered single core wire and a small junction box, part of the Henley wiring system.

BICC Stretchiflex coiled mains lead
Unopened pack of BICC Stretchiflex coiled two core mains lead, rated 3 amps or 700 watts maximum.

Pifco White Insulated Staples
Box of 25 white Pifco brand insulated cable staples. Originally from Woolworth, price 6d.

PVC insulated copperclad aluminium flat cable
Examples of flat twin and earth cabling with copper plated aluminium cores as used for a short time in the 1970s.

PVC insulated flat twin wiring cables
Examples of PVC insulated flat wiring cable with two or three cores but no earth conductor. Typically used on 1960s lighting circuits.

PVC insulated flat twin and earth wiring cables
Examples of flat twin and earth PVC insulated wiring cables with red and black insulated cores.