Old electricity meters and cutouts

All of the items here are obsolete, and are displayed here as a reminder of how electrical installations used to be done.

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Denis Ferranti TM3 electricity meter
Old Ferranti electricity meter
Ferranti Joule Meter Type FN12 12 Volts AC
Henley electricity supplier cutout
Old Sangamo 80A electricity meter
Sangamo S29 three phase electricity meter
Johnson and Phillips Cast Iron Double Pole Cutout
Sangamo Schlumberger Radio Teleswitch
Sangamo Weston Model 12 Test Meter
Warning labels old and new with black plastic cutout


Older electricity meters are entirely mechanical, and therefore had to be manufactured to a high standard to ensure accuracy over a long period of time. Due to the high costs of manufacture, they were normally recalibrated and refurbished rather than simply being disposed of.

New electricity meters are small electronic devices with no moving parts, and if broken are most likely scrapped, as it will be cheaper to have a new one made in some far away country, rather than attempt a repair.