240V LED lamp with GX5.3 connector pins

This small LED lamp is main powered, yet has the connector typically used for 12V lamps.

The Video

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Wrong Pins

This LED lamp has a GX5.3 connector, which is typically used for 12V lamps. However this item is mains powered, 220-240V.

Internally, the construction is fairly typical of this type of lamp, with a small power supply on one circuit board and the actual LEDs on a seocnd board, covered with yellow/orange phosphor loaded gel.

The outer casing is metal to dissipate heat, although there is no thermal compound between the LED board and the metal case.

The power supply board is not insulated at all, and the case design means it can slide into the metal part possibly causing a short circuit. A layer of mylar film or tape over the circuit board would have prevented this possibility.