Sencore CM2125 Computer Monitor Analyzer

This item of test equipment is now obsolete and unsupported. The manufacturer still exists, however their website has no mention of this or any similar items.


Operation and Application Manual

This is based on another file available elsewhere, however this one is of substantially superior quality. (The other one has most pages on a slant, text cut off at the edges and various fold marks obsuring words on many pages).
The photos are of poor quality, but this is of no real importance, as all of the information is contained within the text.
Includes all setup and operating information, specifications, all appendixes and pinouts.
PDF file, size 10MB, 70 pages

Troubleshooting charts, block diagrams, pinout

Scanned from originals.
Monitor troubleshooting charts, monitor block diagrams, pinout for the CM2125 main connector, list of optional connectors.
PDF file, 535KB, 8 pages