Meter Record

Paper record of electricity meter readings.

Metal Cannister

Electricity meter readings inside a metal can Black metal Meter Record This is a metal can containing a paper record of electricity meter readings.

The can has two parts - an outer cup which contains the inner metal cylinder.

The inner cylinder is recessed to avoid the paper record being damaged aginst the walls of the outer cup, and also forms the lid of the container with 'Meter Record' printed on the end.

The Video

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Midland Electric Corporation

Meter Record Can with electricity meter readings Meter Record Midland Electric Coprporation, Tiptree The readings are from dates between December 1945 and March 1960.

This was probably used at a distribution facility or industrial location, as it is doubtful such a thing would have been used or required at a domestic premises.

Midland Electric Corporation for Power Distribution Limited, Toll End Road, Tipton.