A collection of various old fuseboxes

All of this was live prior to it being replaced in May 2015.

View of the whole installation

Collection of various old and obsolete fuseboxes This collection was installed in a small cupboard at floor level. The photograph shows the entire interior of the cupboard, solid wall to the right side, cupboard door hinged at the left side.

There are 4 separate fuseboxes, a doorbell transformer, supplier cutout, meter and a double pole connection block.

All of the items shown are connected to the supply and are in use.

Top section

Brown Wylex fuse box and doorbell transformer This Wylex fusebox contains 4 circuits. The 15A rewireable fuse is for several socket outlets, the 32A MCB for a ring circuit with more socket outlets, and the 6A MCB is for lighting.

The red carrier orignally contained a 30A rewireable fuse for an electric shower. The fuse is missing as the shower was removed several years ago, although the wiring is still connected inside the fusebox. The other end is cut off in the loft above the bathroom.

The white box at the left side is a doorbell transformer. The round white cables above are various telephone extensions, some of which are in use.

The metal cross is an attempt at securing the thin wooden batten in place - the brown Wylex fusebox is secured to the two wooden battens, one of which is secured to the wall at one end only, the other is only held in place by the metal cross. The entire thing is loose and tilting forward away from the wall.

Note the exposed red/black wires immediately below the centre of the fusebox where the white cable has either slipped or been pulled out.

Middle section

Supplier cutout and Siemens electricity meter This wooden board contains the supplier cutout (fuse), electricity meter, earth blocks and double pole connection block.

The board has the lower left fixing missing and the cutout is fixed at an angle.

The connection block joins the supily wires from the four fuseboxes to those from the meter.

This was a TN-S supply, but has recently been changed to a TN-C-S, hence the new green/yellow earth wires.

Lower section

Old fuseboxes and untidy wiring The metal fusebox at the left is a Bill Crown containing a single 30A fuse, which supplies the cooker.

The plastic MEM fusebox contains three 15A circuits originally for storage heaters, but now converted to socket outlets.

The small box in the centre is another Bill item with a single 5A rewireable fuse. This has power and an outgoing circuit connected, however the main switch is broken off and the fusewire is missing. It is not known what this circuit previously supplied.

The brown item at the lower right is the cover for the Wylex fusebox at the top of the cupboard.

Most of the earth wires have been extended with crimps, probably when the supply was changed to TN-C-S. The main equipotential bonding is the single green/yellow wire at the centre right. This is correctly connected to the water and gas supplies elsewhere.