Chicago Engineering Works Wire Splicing and Soldering

Part of a document from 1926, this is Lesson 6 regarding wire splicing and soldering.


The source of this was a 3MB colour scan of the original document, even through the original was monochrome. The pages appear to have been torn from a larger publication, which presumably contained many other lessons on electrical work. Not known who originally scanned this or what happened to the rest of the document.

Written by L.L.Cooke, 1926. Pages are headed Chicago Engineering Works Inc. Chicago, Illinois. Covers various types of wire splices including tap, knotted, fixture, western union, duplex, pigtail joint and brittannia joints. Typewritten with line drawing illutrations.

This version is in black on white, with the ragged edges and other defects removed.

PDF file, size 552KB, 4 pages