Old Electrical Equipment - MK Moodsetter Dimmers

Wall mounted dimmer switches from the 1970s.

Single Switch

Back of the MK Moodsetter single dimmer MK Moodsetter single dimmer These dimmer switches were made in the 1970s. This single version has the dimmer as a rotary control with a normal 2 way switch beside it.

The rear terminals include both a fixed and dimmed output, allowing some lamps to be dimmed with others at the full brightness.

This example has a crack in the front plate and significant quantities of white paint on the edges.

Triple Switch

White plastic MK Moodsetter dimmer switch This version has two additional 2 way switches on the same plate. The dimming section is identical to the single version, with the separate on/off switch and rotary dimmer control.

The dimmer is a typical triac/diac arrangement which controls the brightness by switching at various points during the 50Hz AC waveform.

Rear connections

Rear of a double plate MK Moodsetter dimmer switch The additional switches are a completely separate moulding, and have no electrical connection to the dimmed section.

Switches are rated 5A, dimmer maximum 500 watts.

The Video

In this video, the single switch is dismantled to show the internal components and construction in detail.

View this video on Youtube.