MK Double Switched Socket Outlet

A double socket outlet made in the UK by MK Electric.

This has many high quality features, including shutters which can only be opened by inserting the correct 3 pin plug (most other makes have shutters opened by inserting the earth pin only).

The Video

View this video on Youtube.


MK double socket outlet This series of photographs show the socket in various stages of dismantlement.

The socket as supplied in it's fully assembled state.

Front plate removed

MK socket outlet with front plate removed The white front plate has been removed to show the components inside.

Note that the switches remain in position, as they have their own mounting points in the grey backplate.

Switch removed

MK socket outlet, switch and front plate removed One switch has been removed to show the contacts. Both outlets have their own double pole switch.

Shutter and contact removed

MK socket outlet taken apart MK socket outlet dismantled The plastic shutter and one of the socket contacts has been removed. The contact is formed from a single piece of metal.

Both sides are connected to the same set of incoming terminals via brass bars along the top of the grey plastic. Both brass pieces are made from a single piece of metal.

Component parts

MK socket outlet components MK socket outlet component parts Further components are removed. The centre terminal is the earth and is connected to both sockets and the round holes at each side by a bar on the back of the socket.

The red indicator on each switch is a separately moulded piece of red plastic, rather than paint or printed on.