Dangerous Devices - C5 'cloverleaf' Power Cord

A power lead as used with laptop power supplies that is very far from the standards required.

The Video

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External Examination

This seemingly normal power lead has several serious defects. The 'BS1363' plug is nothing of the sort, as the earth pin is partially sleeved. The fuse inside is an obvious poor quality fake, as it is the wrong length, does not contain any sand filling and the wire is not secured properly. Even if it was genuine, a 13A rating is too high anyway.

The C5 'cloverleaf' plug contains ferrous components, probably low grade steel contacts. Quality items would have brass or similar metal as the contacts.

The Flex

The resistance of the individual conductors is between 2x and 3x greater than would be expected from copper wire of the size claimed. Either the wires are far thinner than they should be, they are not coppper, or both.

Undersized conductors are a real risk of overheating and fire - particularly when combined with a fake fuse of the wrong rating.

What happens when ...

this despicable item is connected to a power supply?
Tune in next page to find out.