Electrical and Other Experiments

Various experiments to see what happens.

In this section

1mm Cable Overloaded
A piece of 1mm twin and earth electrical cable is subjected to various overload currents.

60W Lamps, 240V and 110V on a 240V supply
Two 60 watt lamps are connected to a 240V supply, One lamp is rated for 240V, the other only 110V. What will happen?.

Capacitors Destroyed
A selection of old and broken electrolytic capacitors are subjected to excessive voltages..

Destruction of dubious flex
A piece of flex from an imported solder pot is overloaded, overheated and eventually totally destroyed.

Fake BS1362 15 Amp Fuses
Some fake 15 amp fuses which claim to be BS1362 but cannot be are tested with various overloads to see what happens.

Fire Rated Downlight On Fire
The can from a fire rated downlight is tested with flames. Also featuring PCB track current tests..

Neon Screwdriver Destroyed
A shoddy example of a neon testing screwdriver is packed with chemicals and then destroyed.

Single Wires through Metal Holes
Single electrical wires are passed through holes in a metal cabinet to see how bad the overheating cuased by eddy currents will be.

Testing a fire retardent spray
Testing some MSL Firecheck fire retardent spray on several different types of fabric.

Testing a selection of wire connectors
Four different wire connectors are tested with high current until they melt and fail.

Wago 222 and an unbranded copy tested to destruction
Genuine Wago 222 series connector, an unbranded equivalent and 150 amps. Which fails first?.


The experiments shown were done under controlled conditions. Do not attempt to recreate any of the events shown, as doing so may be dangerous. The vidoes are an edited version of events, and do NOT show things such as the preparation, electrical connections, safety equipment etc.