Product Teardowns

Various electrical and other items are opened and examined, including those where the manufacturer did not want or intend them to be opened.

Some of these items were faulty and opened to identify the fault. Others were just opened to see how well or badly they were constructed.

In this section

Failed Australian Socket Outlet and Plug
An Australian socket outlet which has failed internally causing a short between active and neutral conductors.

Drayton ZA5 Zone Valve Actuator
A zone valve actuator from a central heating system is taken apart to see how it works.

3.99 euro extension lead adaptor with 9 socket outlets and a double pole switch
A plastic moulded 9 way extension lead with switch, as available in a German supermarket for 3.99.

Faulty Vacuum Cleaner Flex
Two core flex from a vacuum cleaner which was apparently defective when manufactured.

Floureon branded socket outlet with 10mA RCD
A Floureon branded RCD socket outlet is examined, tested and taken apart.

240V LED lamp with GX5.3 connector pins
A 240V LED lamp which for some reason has GX5.3 pins as typically used for 12V items.

Failed Hager 6 amp RCBO
A Hager 6 amp RCBO is taken apart to establish what caused an internal explosion when the test button was pressed.

10W Warm white LED outdoor floodlight
A warm white 10 watt LED floodlight from an ebay seller is opened to check quality and fit a longer piece of flex.

99p Automatic LED Nightlight Teardown
A plastic cased nightlight with light sensor and white LEDs that plugs directly into a 13A socket.

The Mighty Meter continuity and voltage tester
The Mighty Meter - domestic electrical test meter from the 1970s or possibly 1980s..

Whats inside a 1 way, 2 way and intermediate light switch
An overview of various types of light switch, and several light switches are then dismantled to see how they work.

MK BS1363 Double Socket Outlet
A white moulded MK socket outlet is dismantled and examined.

Wago 222 wire connectors compared to unbranded PCT type
Some genuine Wago 222 series wire connectors are compared to some unbranded copies. Both are totally dismantled to see what is inside.

Zenith 2 Amp Metal Cased Rheostat
Examination of an older Zenith branded wirewound variable resistor or rheostat.