Old Electrical Equipment - Crabtree 2 pin brass socket

Crabtree socket outlet with ceramic back and polished brass front plate.

Original Box

Crabtree circular brass 2 pin socket outlet Crabtree Electrical Accessory cardboard box This 2 pin socket outlet is unused and complete with the original box and packing paper.

The front plate is polished brass, with black plastic insulators for the socket holes.

Rated 5 Amp, 250 Volt.

5 Amp Socket

Crabtree 5A socket outlet, back view showing ceramic piece Crabtree two pin socket outlet dismantled The brass front plate is secured to the ceramic back with a single screw in the centre. Socket contacts are brass tubes with two splits.

Mounting holes are at 2 inch centres.

Note the wording on the box flap typical of wartime products - 'please save this carton for salvage' indicating this was probably made in the 1940s.