Fitall Travel Adaptor

Purchased from Woolworths, price £3.95

Original Box

Fitall Traveller International Adaptor Fitall Traveller International Adaptor This adaptor includes it's original box and instruction leaflet.

The various parts fit together into a cylindrical shape, with the bayonet and screw fitting light adaptors inside the top cap.

Instruction leaflet: PDF, 4.5MB


Components of the Fitall Travel Adaptor Fitall Adaptor with box, Woolworths price label Originally purchased from Woolworths in the UK, price £3.95

The two smaller parts are adaptors to connect into a light fitting, the larger item contains a selection of round and flat pins which can be secured in place as required for various types of socket outlet.

The other end has a 2 pin socket, where the appliance in use would be connected.

Video showing this device in detail

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